Who is WittcoCrimsco?

Wittco Foodservice Equipment was established in 1969 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Over the next several decades the company built a solid reputation for quality products, including cook & hold and rethermalization ovens, holding & transport and banquet cabinets, as well as drawer warmers and heated display cases. In 2000, to further enhance its product offering in the corrections and healthcare market segments, Wittco purchased Crimsco, Inc., of Kansas City. With an eye toward continued growth and development, and the backing of Illinois Tool Works (ITW), Wittco looks ahead to continuing to bring its customers the durable, high-quality and HACCP- compliant products that have kept the company going strong for over 30 years.

Wittco is a division of the ITW Food Equipment Group.

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  • Chip 500-CW Spec.pdfDownload194kb

  • Chip 700-CW Spec.pdfDownload219kb

  • Cook Hold 1000-IS Spec.pdfDownload223kb

  • Cook Hold 1200-IS Spec.pdfDownload194kb

  • Cook Hold 1400-IS Spec.pdfDownload196kb

  • Cook Hold 1401 Spec.pdfDownload210kb

  • Cook Hold 750-IS Spec.pdfDownload200kb

  • Cook Hold1001 Spec.pdfDownload203kb

  • Draw Warm 200-2-SL-LP .pdfDownload197kb

  • Draw Warm 200-3R-C SERIES .pdfDownload197kb

  • Draw Warmer 200-1-SL-LP .pdfDownload225kb

  • Draw Warmer 200-1R-C SERIES .pdfDownload192kb

  • Hold Transp 1826-7-DBL-IS .pdfDownload195kb

  • Hold Transp IMC-2026 .pdfDownload225kb

  • Hold Transp IMC-2026-HS .pdfDownload246kb

  • Hold Transp 1220-15-BC .pdfDownload196kb

  • Hold Transp 1220-7-BC .pdfDownload235kb

  • Hold Transp 1826-13-BC-IS .pdfDownload217kb

  • Hold Transp 1826-13-BC-IS .pdfDownload217kb

  • Hold Transp 1826-15-BC-IS .pdfDownload204kb

  • Meal Delivery Cabinet IMC-RS series F-4...Download283kb

  • Meal Delivery Cabinet ER series 2011.pdfDownload132kb

  • Meal Delivery Cabinet IMC - COR series F...Download306kb

  • Meal Delivery Cabinet IMC 912 series F-4...Download290kb

  • Meal Delivery Cabinet IMC BFT series F-4...Download208kb

  • Meal Delivery CabinetF-41143 IMC 1014 se...Download209kb

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