Who is Kairak?

Kairak was established on the foundation of manufacturing innovative refrigeration systems that would elevate kitchen production and efficiency to a new level. Our spirit and dedication has helped our business to expand over the years by creating reliable products that not only met health department demands, but also took our customer needs to heart. These concepts have led to the development of patented technologies, incomparable products, and a boutique-style of operation that together make Kairak unique.

Kairak upholds this same drive for innovation by continuously working with -- and listening to -- experts in the trade to create refrigeration equipment with the Chef or Operator in mind. In all our efforts, we aspire to offer a product that is specific to our customers needs without sacrificing quality or performance. Kairak manufactures unique commercial refrigeration for independent restaurants, chains, hotels, hospitals, corporate cafeterias, schools, convention centers, stadiums, correctional facilities and airports throughout the United States. Our patented products have given Kairak the reputation of being on the cutting-edge of developing new innovative technologies.

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  • Drop-In Pan Chillers KBD 26-91.pdfDownload1344kb

  • Drop-In Pan Chillers KRD 27-62 .pdfDownload1599kb

  • Equipment StandsKEO 36-110.pdfDownload465kb

  • Prep Tables KBP 46-91.pdfDownload2459kb

  • Prep Tables KRP 27-96.pdfDownload1661kb

  • Prep Tables KS 48-90 Series.pdfDownload626kb

  • Remote Ref Indoor Single KIR-07-25 KIR ....Download691kb

  • Remote Ref Indoor Triple KIR-07-29.pdfDownload1027kb

  • Remote Ref KER-07-30 RAK.pdfDownload144kb

  • Remote Ref KPR-07-31 KPR .pdfDownload362kb

  • Remote Ref Mini KMR-07-20 .pdfDownload132kb

  • Remote Ref Systems Indoor Doub KIR-07-27...Download1195kb

  • Undercounters KU 44-100.pdfDownload260kb

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