Who is InSinkErator?

Since inventing the food waste disposer in 1937, InSinkErator%uFFFD has been the leader in developing foodservice products that improve efficiency and hygiene, and contribute to environmental responsibility. InSinkErator offers a line of 11 commercial grade disposers - each featuring stainless steel construction - ensuring there is a properly sized model for any size operation. InSinkErator food waste disposers quickly and effectively eliminate food scraps from the kitchen, immediately providing a cleaner and more sanitary kitchen, while also helping keep food waste out of landfills.
Adding to enhanced environmental responsibility, InSinkErator also offers two products - the Waste Xpress pulper system and AquaSaver water management system - that have been recognized by the U.S. Green Building Council as being worthy of LEED points in healthcare. Using the patented AquaSaver control can cut water consumption by 70%, while the Waste Xpress works to extract liquids from food waste, reducing original volume by up to 85%. That means 10 bags of food waste can be turned into less than two, so there's less to haul away and less that ends up in landfills.

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