Who is American Panel?

American Panel is a family-owned and operated company with the experience of building high quality coolers and freezers of all types, sizes and configurations since 1963. Since that time we have shipped more than 40,000 units, making us a leader in the category and developing a customer care system that reaches far beyond expectations. Located in central Florida, American Panel employs around 140 unique individuals with one thing in common – your total satisfaction when it comes to a product that bears our name. American Panel – the right choice for all your walk-in, blast chiller and shock freezer needs.

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  • American Panel Advanced Walk-In Monitori...download628kb

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  • HurriChill Brochure.pdfdownload3048kb

  • Monitoring Systems.pdfdownload547kb

  • Blast Chiller AP20BC175-2_cs.pdfDownload2095kb

  • Blast Chiller AP20BCF175-3_cs.pdfDownload2664kb

  • Blast Chiller AP24BC250-3_cs.pdfDownload3088kb

  • Blast Chiller AP3BC30-1_cs.pdfDownload1518kb

  • Blast Chiller AP40BC250-12_cs.pdfDownload2830kb

  • Blast Chiller AP40BC250-2-12_cs.pdfDownload2830kb

  • Blast Chiller AP40BC350-3_cs.pdfDownload3088kb

  • Blast Chiller AP80BC700-3_cs.pdfDownload3359kb

  • Blast Chiller: Shock Freezer AP24BCF300...Download2599kb

  • Blast Chiller:Shock Freezer AP24BC250-3...Download2599kb

  • Blast Chiller:Shock Freezer AP24BCF300-...Download3357kb

  • Blast Chiller:Shock Freezer AP10BCF100-2...Download2086kb

  • Blast Chiller:Shock Freezer AP120BCF1300...Download2939kb

  • Blast Chiller:Shock Freezer AP12BCF110-3...Download1139kb

  • Blast Chiller:Shock Freezer AP12BCF110-3...Download2764kb

  • Blast Chiller:Shock Freezer AP20BCF175-2...Download1966kb

  • Blast Chiller:Shock Freezer AP3BCF30-1_c...Download1637kb

  • Blast Chiller:Shock Freezer AP40BCF450-3...Download3357kb

  • Blast Chiller:Shock Freezer AP5BCF45-2_c...Download2750kb

  • Blast Chiller:Shock Freezer AP7BCF70-2-C...Download1779kb

  • Blast Chiller:Shock Freezer AP7BCF70-2_c...Download2541kb

  • Blast Chiller:Shock Freezer AP80BCF900-3...Download3359kb

  • Modular Blast Chiller AP20BC-1T.pdfDownload244kb

  • Modular Blast Chiller AP20BC-2T.pdfDownload337kb

  • Modular Blast Chiller AP20BC-3T.pdfDownload304kb

  • Modular Blast Chiller AP20BCF-1T.pdfDownload179kb

  • Modular Blast Chiller AP20BCF-2T.pdfDownload303kb

  • Modular Blast Chiller AP20BCF-3T.pdfDownload307kb

  • Modular Blast Chiller AP26BC-1T.pdfDownload220kb

  • Modular Blast Chiller AP26BC-3T.pdfDownload309kb

  • Modular Blast Chiller AP26BCF-1T.pdfDownload222kb

  • Modular Blast Chiller AP26BCF-3T.pdfDownload311kb

  • Modular Blast Chiller AP36BC-1T.pdfDownload220kb

  • Modular Blast Chiller AP36BC-2T.pdfDownload302kb

  • Modular Blast Chiller AP36BC-3T.pdfDownload310kb

  • Modular Blast Chiller AP36BCF-1T.pdfDownload222kb

  • Modular Blast Chiller AP36BCF-2T.pdfDownload304kb

  • Modular Blast Chiller AP36BCF-3T.pdfDownload312kb

  • Modular Blast Chiller AP46BC-1T.pdfDownload220kb

  • Modular Blast Chiller AP46BC-3T.pdfDownload311kb

  • Modular Blast Chiller AP46BCF-1T.pdfDownload162kb

  • Modular Blast Chiller AP46BCF-2T.pdfDownload302kb

  • Modular Blast Chiller AP46BCF-3T.pdfDownload313kb

  • Modular Blast ChillerAP26BC-2T.pdfDownload170kb

  • Modular Blast ChillerAP26BCF-2T.pdfDownload303kb

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