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The most energy - and water-efficient conveyor-type Hobart warewasher ever. The AdvansysTM CLeR.

The Advansys CLeR brings Hobart's Energy Recovery technology to the industry-leading water and energy savings of Opti-RinseTM. The result? A conveyor-type warewasher with Hobart's legendary longevity built-in that saves you so much in both energy and water, it could literally pay for itself within a few years, depending upon your warewashing volume.

Turning vapor into savings.
The Advansys CLeR adapts Hobart's unique Energy Recovery technology - introduced so successfully in the Advansys Ventless door-type ware- washer - to the rigorous productivity demands of the high-volume CLe conveyor-type warewasher. The Energy Recovery technology works just the same in both warewashers. Only with the higher volume CLe, there is more to work with - and thus more energy savings. The Energy Recovery unit captures the heat and uses it to preheat the incoming water supply to the booster heater. With Hobart's Energy Recovery, a cold water supply - even with temperatures as low as 55F - is all that is needed for the final rinse.

Combined energy and water savings for an annual ROI in the five figures.
With a combined savings of up to $11,000 - $2,047 from Energy Recovery and $9,192 due to Opti-Rinse - the Advansys CLeR sets a new standard in the low-cost operation of a conveyor-type warewasher capable of cleaning and sanitizing up to 8,550 dishes an hour.

The most sustainable conveyor-type warewasher ever to carry the Hobart name.
While naturally recognizing the savings in dollars that the CLeR delivers, it is perhaps equally important to remember the impact your energy and water savings could have on the environment. The issue of sustainability grows more important with every passing day. With the Advansys CLeR, you can do the right thing and the smart thing at the same time.

The CLeR is all CLe. The Advansys CLeR delivers the same great performance all CLe warewashers offer:
  • Rinse water, energy and sewage savings of up to $9,192 a year
  • ENERGY STAR rating, an ideal candidate for a sustainable operation
  • Exclusive Opti-Rinse technology for 50% less energy and water usage
  • Large, hinged doors for easier interior cleaning
  • Simple controls for quick verification of machinestatus and water temperatures

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